Live Video Stream Memorials

Single Camera Live Stream  $745.00

I had only a two day notice. I would have needed to get a ticket for $1200, get my business commitments covered, and have someone get our kids to school while we were away. I couldn’t do it and I really loved my Uncle. If we had this available, I could have participated with the rest of my family!” - Greg

Some memorial services can be planned ahead of time and give family a friends time to get their world in order to travel to join in person. That is not always the case. When planning the service you will think of many who simply cannot be there for a number of reasons. With our live video streaming they can be present online and it feels like they are there.

"As I sit here watching the service of my Uncle David's funeral, almost two months to the day, I feel blessed. Today is my late mother's birthday. I know that her and my Uncle are looking down upon me and my family. I know this as my sister in Maine went to the gravesite today and the flowering plant I spoke of is still green. There are no longer any blooms, but it is still alive. What a wonderful opportunity for my sisters and brother across the country to have been able to participate in the funeral ceremony. It would have been a large hardship on all to have flown here for the funeral and to fly home. That was the best for all of us. It is also a blessing to be able to watch this video at a future date. Thank you to Larry for his hard work for his gift to be able to share these memories with the world and with those that appreciate his gift. Thank You!"  -Betty 

We provide a high quality experience online. Those viewing receive a special invitation to join in the private broadcast. Our cameras and computers are portable and unobtrusive to the service. While watching, family and friends can text a message in real time to the folks gathered which is read by the Celebrant. All of it is archived for viewing on-demand for a month after the memorial. This is the new age of live connections over the internet which we apply to your family’s needs.

We can use one camera or several cameras.  We assess the venue for internet use. Broadband, Flash Player, and Java are all that the viewers need to participate in this high moment of life. You then go through the service with the satisfaction that everyone is being included.